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Devotional Thoughts for the First Sunday after New Sunday

by Rev. Fr. M. K. Kuriakose

Jesus' Third Post-resurrection Appearance.

Even though Jesus appeared to his disciples twice before, the disciples were not sure of their mission and future work. Their leader and the older person among them, Peter himself, suggested that they should go back to fishing. It was three and a half years ago that they left their nets and family and lived with Jesus. They had no time for fishing and wherever they went with Jesus the people fed them. All of a sudden they knew that they are alone and they have no job to do. Naturally they thought of fishing. Their fishing effort was futile even though Peter was an expert fisherman who knew the lake of Galilee (Also known as the Tiberius Lake or Gennesereth Lake) very well. It was in the morning that Jesus appeared to them and helped them have a good catch. Then Jesus invited them for breakfast that was ready. We can learn the following points:

1. Even those people who walked with Jesus and saw the resurrected Lord can lose their vision and revert back to their old ways.

2. It is the continuous presence of the Lord that can make life meaningful. I know some people who had all the divine blessings for some time in their life but later on they lost it because they slid back in their spirituality. The continuous presence of the Lord in life provides all provisions for life. Just trust Him. He will give.

3. Jesus' presence provides everything, no matter what it is. Without his assistance all our efforts will be in vain. Many people find it difficult to believe because we can see a lot of people who have no faith survive well financially or materially. This is a distortion. Material gain does not make one happy or consoled. Almost all the rich people have no peace. They toil hard to become rich but along with the material gain they also make a life without peace and joy. Whereas those who have the presence of the Lord will be very happy with the little things they have.

4. The disciples were amazed when they saw already prepared breakfast when they reached the shore. Jesus knew their need that they are tired because they were toiling all night. They were very hungry. But Jesus provided them those miraculously. When we are helpless, Jesus provides us with provision as soon as we revert to Him.

5. The Disciples knew well it was the Lord who gave them all that they needed including a heavy haul of fish. But they did not have the courage to ask him "who are you?" This is the natural course of life.

When the Lord becomes part of one's life, one need not ask any questions. Everything is seen as the Lord's work, Lord's gift and so on. Such people will give glory to the Lord.

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