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Promoting Goodness

by Jose Kurian Puliyeril

7th Sunday after Pentecost

Gospel Reading: St. Mark 3: 20-30

From the very first day of the public mission of our Lord, he as well as his beloved Apostles were too busy. They did not get enough for the proper rest or food in time. Such an experience is the background of today's reading too. The needy of different types of needs were pressing them and were after them the whole day. We could read about a similar incident in St. Mark 6:31. When the ordinary people got vivid blessings through the miracles of our Lord, they started witnessing about Lord Jesus. They tried to explain to others about their marvelous experience in the presence of Lord Jesus. At this moment, the so called relatives of our Lord got annoyed and envious as they could not accept Lord as a man who could perform miracles. So they tried to lay hold on Lord Jesus saying that Lord was beside Himself, though their attempt was in vain.

We can see such experiences in the present day society too. Whenever someone or the other volunteers to think loudly about any scheme of humanitarian considerations, the so called social evils joins hands together to oppose and suppress the growth of goodness from society. They get prepared to stand against the truth and justice.

The same thing happened then also. Satan is always planning to block the growth of goodness in society. Satan aims to and exerts to put an end to the growth and development of goodness, justice and truth. We could read about similar accusations in St. John 7:5 and 10:20. In the modern society also we could find the evil forces trying to implement the character assassination of the rivals. The opinion of the Scribe who reached there from Jerusalem was little different. He said that our Lord was mad. Moreover he said "with the help of Beelzebub, the prince of the evils, our Lord was trying to cast out the evils from the ordinary people." In St. Matthew 9:34, 10:25, 12: 24, St. Luke 11.15 and St. John 8:45 we read about the prejudiced and false arguments of the people. Now we must examine ourselves to find out whether we had been against or blocking the progress of justice and truth. Let us make sure that whether we were against the goodness of others for any reason. If we have taken a stand against the truth willingly or unwillingly let us repent well and seek forgiveness for our mistakes and sins. We all must have a mind, which might rejoice in the high flying gains and growth of a fellowmen, instead of getting jealous or envious. And let us able to praise God for the blessings enjoyed by our fellowmen.

Let us meditate on verse 28. Our Lord says: "All sins will be forgiven, but the sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven". Before thinking about the sin against the Holy Spirit, let us think about the 'sin'. Now a definition that we have studied in our younger age must flash in our minds. "A sin means doing something which should not be done and not doing something which is to be done". If we would talk little more elaborately, sin means all deeds, words and thoughts without love. In other words all deeds, words and thoughts without God (God is love) is a sin. As per God's promise and decision, we all have received the Holy Spirit in us. We are supposed to obey the Holy Spirit's advices. The Holy Spirit is always guiding us through the Godly ways and he tells us about good and bad. In our daily lives we might ignore all advices and guidances from our inner heart for the name sake worldly gains. In such conditions, our deeds, words or thoughts become sins against the Holy Spirit. If one would do a sin with the knowledge that it is a sin, the same turns to be a sin against the Holy Spirit. All deeds, words and thoughts without repentance and obedience are sins against the Holy Spirit. All sins committed ignoring the grace of God and justice of God are sins against the Holy Spirit.

A few at least think that there is no significance for the forgiveness of sins in the worldly life. Such think that they could obtain the forgiveness at the time of their physical deaths (before leaving this world). If somebody long so, it is a grave mistake. Whenever we might have a feeling of sin, we must confess them before a priest with full repentance. If we do not clear ourselves, we could stay in God. Let it be our aim of our lives. Let our spirituality guide us to a systematic sacramental way of lives.

Kindly read St. Matthew 25:46, Acts 7:51, Hebrews 6:4 and 2 Thessalonians 1:9 and see how strongly it is said that the sins against the Holy Spirit would not be forgiven. If we keep us aloof from the sins, we could inherit and enjoy the eternal life in God.

May God bless us all.

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