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They Never Came Home: Teenage Drinking and Driving

by: Claire Tia

There’s nothing wrong with giving a teenager a car. As long as he or she knows the limitations and the cautions he or she has to follow. One wrong move or choice in a teen’s part could lead to accidents or worse, death.

Cars for teens have so many uses. It can be their means for transportation, their way of exploring new places, gaining new friends or simply just to show to the other kids what they got. It has been said that cars can be a blessing and as well as a curse.

Statistics have shown that every 22 minutes, there is someone who dies from vehicular accidents. A high number of teens ages fifteen to twenty-four are included in this rate. Teen are dying at a very young age and in a death so meaningless.

According to the site, one out of 10 children ages 12 and 13 uses alcohol at least once a month, in a single year, 522 children under age 14 were arrested for driving while intoxicated, (113 of them were under 10 years old), 70 percent of all teenagers drink alcohol, 60 percent of all teen deaths in car accidents are alcohol-related. Alcoholism among teenagers is very rampant.

The numbers in the statistics are scary. Teenagers are now involved in alcoholism, substance abuse and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The reason for these happenings can be traced from the want of freedom, the feeling of invincibility, and to Peer Pressure. Because teens want to show off, they think that when they are intoxicated, they are empowered to drive because they are thinking that nothing serious can really happen to them. Death for these teenagers seemed to be far away.” No one dies young when they’re having fun”. But, teenagers learn the hard way. They have to experience it first before they will know it is true. According to, “teenage boys with a Blood Alcohol level of .05-.10 (a figure below what most states consider the legally drunk limit) are a staggering 18 times more likely to suffer a single vehicle crash than their non-drinking counterparts. Teenage girls at the same levels are an incredible 54 times more likely to crash.”

Teens that are caught and issued DUI for minors are luckier than those who have been in accidents that killed their lives. A teen that is caught driving under the influence of alcohol will be fined and will be expected to perform a community service. He is also expected to take some DUI classes for his recovery depending on what the court has decided.

Parents should be aware of the danger and events that could happen to your children. Make them aware as early as possible. Browse through the net about DUI classes and how it can help your children be aware. Join support groups and ask for counsels. Start now before it’s too late.

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