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Teens And Sex

by: Jamie Cruise

Teenage sexual activity, in America is an issue of widespread national concern. Ironically, one question that rings in the mind of a teenager is when to have sex. Our Catholic teachings, does teach that sexual intercourse outside of marriage is contrary to its purpose. Apart from the church, now public schools are also preaching the advantages of abstinence. Even then, premarital sex is growing and becoming an important issue. Sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, and emotions of regret are usually caused by having premarital sex.

STDís or Sexually transmitted diseases which are caused by premarital sex flourish in a society, where teens have multiple sex partners. The misuse of contraceptives may be one of the reasons for the plague of STD's. Many teenagers have a wrong assumption that using contraceptives prevents the spread of herpes, AIDS, or other diseases, but in reality, it does not. Even the instructions or directions on the products do not state that they do stop the spread of these diseases. Each year 3 million new cases of STDís are reported among teens. Many teenagers believe that nothing is wrong having premarital sex with multiple partners through the ages of 15 and 19, thereby increasing the chance of spreading sexually transmitted diseases each and every time. A new study among teenagers shows that every eleven seconds a teen has sex for their first time and that figure is indeed alarming.

Premarital sex has also been one of the major causes of teenage pregnancy and in turn carelessness has played a significant role in it, whether it is in the usage of contraceptives or in choosing a partner. Teens, even though they use different forms of contraceptives or birth control, they tend to use it incorrectly, because of their carelessness. Many of such unplanned teenage pregnancies happen because of the lack of knowledge and carelessness. Itís shocking to know that 30% of all such unplanned pregnancies in America involve teen parents. Hence, premarital sex makes teenage pregnancy a growing concern for all, especially parents.

As discussed, sexual relations among teenagers are indeed a growing problem, not only for them, but also for this great nation as a whole. We can thus summarize and conclude that premarital sex alone is the cause of teenage pregnancy, STDís and feelings of regret. These could have of course avoided if they have prolonged those few minutes of bliss till marriage. In reality, the only way to not be affected is to sexual abstinence and to a larger extent through character education. Even then, many teenagers often claim that abstinence is ridiculous and impossible but they should understand that or someone should make them believe that it takes only one word, ďNOĒ to achieve.

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