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 Comments on 'A Suggested Approach to Solve the century old disputes between
(Jacobite) Syrian Christians and Indian Orthodox Church'

by Rev. Fr. Dr. Kunnathu P.Geevarghese, MD, Louisville, KY

ESTEEMED Web Master & Brothers and Sisters in Christ our Lord God and Redeemer,

It indeed is a blessing that an article of this kind appears in the most popular media of the times. As we prepare for the feast of the Nativity of our Lord with lent and the practice of giving rather than receiving, it is worth considering why The Christian Message is heard and practiced less and less though the Churchgoers are on the increase.

May be we do not understand the basis of our faith. The mystery of salvation through the church is very simple. It is related to our meeting God and establishing a relationship with Him. Our God loved us so much that He created man in His image and likeness. His only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, voluntarily sacrificed Himself for us on the cross out of pure love for us. Therefore we can meet God through Love and Sacrifice.

The power of the cross came through sacrificial Love. We Venerate the Cross and most us wear one around our necks; but do we really understand the real power of the cross? If we do, then we should not become intoxicated with power of the Chair, with the power of worldly possessions, and things that provide instant fulfillment.

Where there is no peace, there is no love. The Church which is the body of Christ flourish only with the love which also is the glue holds all us together. Therefore seeking peace in the church is only practicing what we preach.

Then in summary, we have to have our faith to start with and without our faith to anchor us in The Universal Christian Bond, our salvation is only a dream. If we think about it we have no reason to have a situation like ours where others outside the church has to prompt us to seek peace through mediation. Jesus Christ is our intercessor and Mediator of all time. Let us pray for peace in our Church and in the world today, through this season of peace and love and always.

With renewed HOPE FOR PEACE in our church.

I am your servant in Christ.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Kunnathu P.Geevarghese

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