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Peace in Malankara

by Very Rev. Mani Rajan Cor-Episcopo

Peace in Malankara - is it a dream?

Is the basic question on faith or temporal powers?

Can H. H. Patriarch have temporal powers - be it on Simhasana churches, Knanaya samudhayam, St. Antony's, EAE, or Dayros at Malelcruz, Piramadam, Manjinikkara, Kizhakambalam. These were disputed since 1958. Where are we now even after the Supreme court Verdict?

1934 constitution is the Bible of the IOC. Do the prisoners know that the temporal powers of the parish properties are with the Metropolitan as per the 1934 constitution? What did the SC observe about the Parish General Body and the constitutions of the parish churches?

I lived with this litigation from the time of my grandfather. The Kunnamkulam Simhasana church case originated in 1959. It is still continuing! I am closely following the verdicts of common cases as well as Simhasana Church cases since 1982. Can I just escape from the litigation which has a history of 51 years?

Any out of court settlement will require much deliberations in view of the history of the church cases.

I do not justify litigation, but I felt it difficult to part with the holy tomb of St. Osthatheos Saleeba.

Mani Rajan Cor-Episcopo
Vicar, St. Mary's Syrian Simhasana church,
Arthat, Kunnamkulam.

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