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Woman’s Role in the Church Affairs

by Molly Varghese

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus!

I enjoy reading these lines. Every time I go through these lines, I feel that everything that said here are true and I do try my best to follow them and most of the time I do accomplish them too.

But this is what I want everyone to think about and look within ourselves: a kind of self analysis, o.k?

We preach these things and want to follow the words, deeds and foot steps of Jesus to be qualified to have a seat with Jacob, Isaac and Abraham on the right side of Our Father.

Still, we have a double standard system within the church, within our parishes and communities and within our families. Jesus gave more importance to Martha, Maria, his mother and even appeared to Mary Magdalene even before appearing to any other disciples of His, there by giving importance to WOMEN, in my opinion.

In our day to day lives, women work outside the house earning and sharing the financial income of the family, thereby bringing income to the churches and community organizations, even bringing more income to our home state Kerala and the Aramanaas of Kerala, still she, The WOMAN has no voice in any of these places and even in their own houses unless she is shrewd enough to apply muska and jelly to every word or sentence she says so that the ego of the counterparts won't catch or take her suggestions as something else!!!

Don't you all think that I am right and that we have to conduct open forums, seminars, debates and workshops to bring the truth that Jesus did not treat women as second class citizens or just the working force, though they willingly do all these things because of their unconditional love for everyone around them and of course because of their sense of faith which was instilled in their minds by their parents. Don't u all think that our women should be celebrated for their love, unselfishness and services towards others and give them their place that they deserve; equal to their mighty counter parts?

What are your thoughts about this matter? No intention of touching anybody's ego, just a question. If we can tackle this ideal and bring it up to the expected and rightful standard, a lot of problems we have in our houses/homes, churches and community organizations will be solved and our children will respect us, the elders, our culture and our traditions much much more. That way, we can depart from this life to the other with the satisfaction that our one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one years old culture and traditions will continue and that they will not stop with us.

Nov 2, 2002

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