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Sermon of The Week

4th Sunday after Shunoyo - 4th Sunday after Assumption

Gospel Reading: Mark 6:1-6


Offended by the Nice Little Kid from Nazareth
by Edward F. Markquart, Seattle, Washington

God Wants You to Walk by Faith
by Pete Benson

I Know That Boy
by The Rev. J. Curtis Goforth, O.S.L.

Going Home
by Larry Broding

Gospel Analysis: Jesus' Preaching at Nazareth
by Edward F. Markquart, Seattle, Washington

Gleanings from the Text: Mark 6: 1-13
by Mark Zaineddin

A Carpenter's Wisdom and His Rejection by Family and Neighbors
by Rev. Fr. George Koshy

Life in the New Kingdom of God
by Rev. Fr. V. C. Jose Chemmanam

Who Is Jesus, Anyway?
by Walter W. Harms

On Being Sent
by John Jewell

Bible Commentaries on Mark 6:1-6

Scripture Reading Mark 6:1-6

Matthew Henry's Commentary Mark 6:1-6

Geneva Notes on Mark 6:1-6

Jamieson Commentary on Mark 6:1-6

B.W. Johnson on Mark 6:1-6

Commentary on Mark 6:1-13 by Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman

Lectionary Bible Studies and Sermons on Mark 6:1-6

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Sermons and Bible Commentaries for the 3rd Sunday after the Shunoyo Feast

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