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What Shall I Do To Be Saved?

By Rev. Dr. Curian Kaniyamparambil

Table of Contents - Section 5


116. Is there a special section called saints?

117. Is it not heresy to pray for the mediation of Saints because Christ is the only mediator?

118. Where are the Saints and what can they do?

119. Are Saints omnipresent to hear everyone's prayers?

120. We can pray directly to Jesus Christ. Why request to Saints?

121. The Syrian Orthodox Church reveres the remains and antiques used by Saints? Isn't this superstitious and against the Bible and God?

122. The Holy relics with the Syrian Orthodox Church


123. Isn't it wrong to praise Virgin Mary and to call her mother of God?

124. Since it is referred in the Bible that Jesus had 'brothers', how can we call St. Mary a virgin?

125. Can we call St. Mary, 'Mother of God' and if so, is she a Goddess?

127. Isn't the prayer 'Hail Mary full of grace...' against the Bible?


128. Doesn't your Church keep icons and idols and worship them?

129. You have festivals marked by big celebrations. Wasn't this copied from other religions?

130. Respecting the cross and kissing it etc... are all against the Bible and against the Ten Commandments - Comment. What does the Cross signify?

131. The bells, candles, other lamps in the church and burning of incense - are they not copied from the gentiles?

132. Prostrating in prayer, praying on ones death anniversary and offering sacrifices on that day, and the use of gold among church members are all against God. Aren't they all copied from the gentiles?


133. I hear your church has Fasting and Lents? Is this in the Bible? In fact St. Paul says: "One person believes that one may eat any thing, while the weak person eat only vegetables... the one who abstains should not pass judgment on on who eats ( Rom.14:3)

134. Your church encourages offerings and vows. Isn't this a bribe to please God?

135. Your church has written prayers. Isn't it better for one to compose their own prayers than to read from someone else's prayer?



Appendix A - Did Jesus Have any 'Brothers'?

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