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What Shall I Do To Be Saved?

By Rev. Dr. Curian Kaniyamparambil


Several months ago, I went to have lunch with my Christian friend. Since it was the lent season, I choose to have vegetarian food. In seeing this, my Christian friend remarked, "What kind of Christian are you? I have never heard of Lent. Thank Jesus, that I am not a Christian of your type!" I explained to him that I belong to one of the oldest church, established by our Lord and thereafter shepherded by St. Peter according to the apostolic faith. The church had neither added anything to it nor taken away anything from it. It has always held the faith defined by the Three Universal Synods of Nicea, Constantinople, and Ephesus in the 4th and 5th Century. In hearing this, my friend was awestruck.

This event made me think about the millions of Christians all over the globe who have never heard of our true apostolic faith. If you look around, preachers are everywhere, from television and radio to the Internet. They propagate 'sectarian theology' based on their beliefs and on occasions for their own personal gains.

When one examines these events, they see a minister teaching one interpretation and thereafter, another minister teaching another, but in the end, they all claim that these facts have been revealed to them by the Holy Spirit. If so, this would either mean that the Holy Spirit interprets the Gospel differently for each minister, or they are simply not speaking the truth nor guided by the Holy Spirit. If this is so, they are then deceiving the true followers of Christ. Isn't this what Jesus Christ Himself warned about? But common man is not to blame. He is bombarded with all kinds of teachings and therefore does not know what to believe. He finally comes to the conclusion that all Christians are "more or less the same."

Most people ask me to explain the differences between the various churches? In their eyes, they see the common link in all the Christian churches, for they all preach from the Bible and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. But I must remind you that differences do exist between the Christian churches. Let me start off with an example. For instance, there are churches that accept homosexuality. Most of us will agree that this is against the teachings of the Bible, but these churches also use the same Bible to justify their teachings! Nevertheless, we know enough about the Bible to disprove this interpretation, for it is very evident. On the other hand, there are so many other issues that we are not so sure about and assume that it does not matter so long as I pray and live a good life. But none of us can live a perfect life acceptable to God, because the only person that ever lived without sin is Jesus Christ. So we all are sinners. And the result of sin is death. The Almighty God knew this and therefore sent his only Son, who essentially established One Church for our salvation. So our choice is to either follow or not follow His original plan. So what is this plan? I hope that this article will answer this question and help you find the truth among the chaos.

A Few Thoughts on Salvation

"As for the person who hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge him. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save it.? There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; that very word which I spoke will condemn him at the last day".

Jesus Himself warned us that most people will not reach Paradise, and exhorted us in Matthew 7:13-14: "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Have you ever thought why Jesus says so?

There is a tendency among the western Christian scholars to propagate that Christianity originated in the west and it became mettle of it. It is far from the truth. Christianity reached the west after it reached all of the Middle East, Africa and even India. Christians there were persecuted more than anywhere else, but persecution made them stronger and faithful which preserved the word of God as it is.

Rev. Curian is probably the greatest scholar of the apostolic faith and the Aramaic Syrian language (the language spoken by our Lord, and His mother, and apostles). He rightly point out the errors that crept into the Bible translations, and shows what the true apostolic faith was, and how the modern faith has deviated from the apostolic faith.

In addition to his translation of the Holy Bible from Syraic and his commentary on the New Testament, he has authored 42 books in English, Syriac and Malayalam. He had been a member of the Board of studies in Syriac in Kerala and at Gandhi University for 39 years. He is the recipient of numerous awards and titles from the Patriarchs of Antioch. Even at present in his 97th year, by the abundant Grace of God, he is writing books for the Glory of God.

I hope this book through the Holy Spirit guides the reader to the true teachings of the Apostles.

Praise the Lord

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