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Sermon of The Week

Revelation to Joseph

Gospel Reading: St. Matthew 1: 18-25

Sermons/ Homilies and Gospel Analyses:

How to solve family problems- Joseph as an example
By Rev. Sister Deena

Devotional Thoughts for the Sunday of the Vision to St Joseph
by Rev. Dn. Christopher Mathew

Devotional Thoughts on The Revelation to St. Joseph
by Jose Kurian Puliyeril

Devotional Thoughts for Annunciation to Joseph
by Rev. Fr. Prof. Kurien Daniel

Revelation to Joseph
by Rev. Dr. V Kurian Thomas Valiyaparambil

Dream of Joseph the Carpenter
by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose

The Birth of Jesus - Gospel Analysis
by Edward F. Markquart, Seattle, WA

Joseph: A Humble Man for a Heavenly Mission
by Alan Carr

Joseph - The Unsung Hero of Christmas
by Alan Carr

Joseph - a Righteous Man
by Rev. Adrian Dieleman

The Birthing the Christ
by Dr. William R. Long

The Birth of Christ and the Birth of Christmas
by Edward F. Markquart, Seattle, WA

Joseph - The Man God Chose to Raise His Son
by Alan Carr

Forward through Forgiveness (Matthew 1:18-25)
by Robert Austell

Joseph, A Righteous Man
by Dr. Don Y. Gordon

Sermon Matthew 1:18-25
by Rev. Jeffrey T. Howard

Not In Control
by Larry Broding

Rules and Traditions - Lectionary Blog for Matthew 1:18-25
by Sarah Dylan Breuer

God's call to Joseph. Matthew 1:18-25
by Rev. Bryan Findlayson, Lectionary Bible Studies and Sermons

First Thoughts on Matthew 1:18-25
by William Loader, Australia

God Honors the Humble
by Pastor James Groleau, Hinckley, MN

Awake from your stupor!
by Jerry Goebel

The Dark Night, the Big Dream
by The Rev. Charles Hoffacker

Joseph and the Virgin Birth
by Rev. Edward F. Markquart

Dreams: A Way To Listen To God
by John Jewell

Bible Commentaries on St. Matthew 1: 18-25

Scripture (KJV) on St. Matthew 1:18-25

Matthew Henry's Commentary on St. Matthew 1:18-25

Wesley's Notes/ Commentary on St. Matthew 1:18-25

Geneva Notes/ Commentary on St. Matthew 1:18-25

Jamieson Commentary on St. Matthew 1:18-25

B.W. Johnson Commentary on St. Matthew 1:18-25

Exegetical Notes on Matthew 1:18-25

Malankara World Journals Featuring: St. Joseph

Volume 7 No 451 Dec 15, 2017

Volume 6 No 388 Dec 9 2016

Volume 5 No 318: December 11 2015

Volume 4 No 252: December 12, 2014

Volume 3 No 182: December 12, 2013

Volume 2 No 113: Dec 13 2012

General Articles on St. Joseph

Season of Announcement - Revelation to Joseph (Maronite Church)

What do we know about Joseph the Father of Jesus?

Was St. Joseph a Tzadik?

Joseph, Mary and Jesus: A Model Family

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Malankara World Advent Supplement

Malankara World Christmas Supplement

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Sermons, Bible Commentaries and Bible Analyses for the Sunday of the Birth of John the Baptist

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