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Sermon of The Week

Birth of John the Baptist and Zacharia's Song

Gospel Reading: St. Luke 1: 57-80


The Tender Mercy of Our God
by C.H. Spurgeon, 1886

God's Tender Mercy
by C. H. Spurgeon, 1869

The Miraculous Birth of John the Baptist
by John MacArthur

God's Grace Is a Bridge That God's Faithfulness Travels On!
by Scott Hoezee

Zachariah's Song of Salvation: Introduction
by John MacArthur

What will this child be?
by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose

Devotional Thoughts for Children's Sunday
by Rev. Fr. George Mathew

Devotional thoughts for the Sunday of the birth of St. John the Baptist
by Jose Kurian Puliyeril

How and Why Should You Prepare?
by Mathews David, Randolph, NJ

Zechariah's Song

The Music of Christmas
by Mike Pohlman, Bellingham, WA

The Tender Mercy of Our God
by Steven J. Cole

Sermon on Luke 1:57-80

God Is Crashing In - Sermon on Luke 1:57-80
by Cathy Cavazos

The Birth and Circumcision of the Forerunner
by John Stevenson

Salvation Song: A Sermon Based on Luke 1:57-80
by Tim Henry

Benedictus Homily - Luke 1:57-80
by Rev. Luke T. Zimmerman, Mechanicsburg, PA

The Prophecy of Zachariah
by Dr. Donald T. Williams

Where The Rays of Heaven's Sunrise Reach - Homily on Luke 1:57-80
by Alan Carr

Homily for the feast of Saint John the Baptist - Luke 1:57-66,80
by Father Daniel Meynen

A Time For Praise - Reflection on Luke 1:57-80

Nine months later - a sermon on Luke 1:57-80

The Visit: A Sermon Based on Luke 1:57-80
by Scott Hoezee

Confidence God's Way
by John D. Telgren

Exegetical Notes on Luke 1.57-80 - The Nativity of St. John the Baptist
by Brian Stoffregen

Bible Commentaries on Luke 1:57-80:

Luke 1:57-80 - Scripture - NIV

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Luke 1:57-80

Geneva Notes - Commentary on Luke 1:57-80

Wesley's Notes - Commentary on Luke 1:57-80

Jamieson Commentary on Luke 1:57-80

B.W. Johnson Commentary on Luke 1:57-80

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